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heretic/’heretik/ n. 1 The holder of an unorthodox opinion. 2 hist. a person believing or practicing religious heresy. heretical adj. heretically adv. [ORIGIN] Middle English via Old French heretique and ecclesiasticalLatin haereticus from Greek hairetikos “able to choose” (as heresy)


We are a community of folks who engage in the art (and sport) of philosophical conversation for fun and edification. Our topics usually involve questioning the veracity of various religious claims.
Understanding our feelings and beliefs about religion as individuals and as a culture is key to human health, happiness and advancement. For it is our erroneous religious/antireligious beliefs that account for so much suffering on this earth.

The Brownie – Official Munchie of Heretics Anonymous Since 1985

Heretics are interested in the discovery of and service to Truth above all else. Intellectual honesty and integrity are of the utmost value.
How therapeutic and enlightening it is to be afforded a forum for speaking freely about things considered too impolite to discuss or unspeakably taboo. Yes, THESE are the very things which must be examined to understand ourselves and the culture we live in.
We are interested in promoting the salon as part of a healthy, socially responsible lifestyle.
If you want to be a part of advancing the intellectual health of this world, join or start a salon. If you want this to become a recognized movement, please “like” this page and suggest it to others.


The Skeptic Tank


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